The Roulette Wheels

Roulette wheel is thought to be created by a famous French scientist and mathematician Blaise Pascal. It was the result of his attempt to make a perpetual motion machine. In years the wheel was improved until the up to date design was created.

Roulette wheel is the specially developed wheel which is placed on the bowl and can rotate. The numbers from 1 to 36 on the roulette wheels alternate between red and black spaces. The slot is a section the ball stops at. With 36 red and black pockets the roulette wheels comprise two green-colored zero slots. In addition, the numbers are not arranged randomly. In fact, it is very difficult for average people to identify the principle according to which this arrangement is based. The possibility to place bet on one individual number and the fact that every number section adds attributes for betting on determines the principle of such pattern. It was developed by the wheel makers years ago and still is used as the most suitable at both land and online casinos. As you see for every number on the roulette wheels there is the next higher number exactly opposite to the previous one. This roulette wheels design is taken as standard.

The roulette dealer turns the wheel and rolls a ball along outside track on the roulette wheel. When the wheel starts to slow down the ball stops on definite pocket. The small buffers ensure that the ball landing is random, unpredictable.

There are two variants of roulette wheels that much look like each other but also differ a little bit. These are American wheel and European or French one. The distinction between this variations of roulette wheels is the use of single and double zero spaces. This fact influences greatly the casino advantage in both variants of the roulette game. In American roulette the house advantage is 5.26% while in European it is 2.7%.

Moreover, European gambling halls offer “en prison” option. It means that when the zero comes out the gambler can surrender one half of his/her outside roulette bets or just to leave the it for the next spin. So, as a result of the “en prison” option in European roulette the house advantage is a little bit smaller - 1.352 %. It is a great advantage compared with 5.26% house advantage in American Wheel that can’t be lowered. Because of this fact we advise you always to find the games with European roulette wheels. You can get to know more about house edge at other games learning the slots, craps, blackjack tips and rules, and make sure that roulette game is quite profitable.