The Roulette For Beginners

The history of roulette game counts down a few centuries. According to the history of roulette for beginners the game originated in France because the word “roulette” is actually French which means “small wheel”. Some historians claim that the game of roulette actually was created in China and gained Europe a little bit later after the relations between Chinese and Dominican monks became stable. Other scientists claim the game of roulette originated in Europe cause ancient Romans played the game in which the wheel was applied. According to the popular thought the idea of roulette game was firstly suggested by famous religious philosopher Blaise Pascal who devoted all his life to the discovery of a perpetual motion device. In fact the roulette got to be the result of his tries to realize the dream of amazing machine. Some researches claim that it is just a pretty story in the history of roulette for beginners.

The initial similar to the up-to-date variation of game of roulette appeared in 1720 and got the name "roly-poly". Actually this kind of game was prohibited in 1739 by law. In spite of the ban the game was soon recovered but was known as "Even-Odd". In next fifty years the roulette was developing thus it modified into the up-to-date variant of the game. The up to date roulette wheel was featured in Paris casinos in 1796. Then the roulette game reached the United States. But in the US the game of roulette didn’t get the same fame like in Europe since Americans were introduced the double zero casino game rules.

In 1842 French gamblers Louis and Francois Blanc created the single zero variation. At that period gambling halls were not legal in France so game of roulette was played mainly in German where it was unbelievably fashionable. “En prison” rule is one more point which added to recognition of roulette game. This option allowed to lower the house edge and in such way to increase the gamblers’ probabilities. “En prison” option appeared to be a regular rule just in European casinos while American gamblers were still suffering from selfish casino owners.

In the mid-1800’s roulette game appeared in Monaco after Prince Charles decided to try the game in the country where gambling games were not popular. As gambling was forbidden in Germany all roulette players were welcomed to visit Monte Carlo to try their roulette talents. In a while Louis Blanc with Prince Charles III founded their own casino that now is to regarded as a golden standard in casino world. Louis Blanc wanted to attract rich class of society to Monte Carlo and with this aim he persuaded authorities to set up new highway to the city. He managed to reach his goal and subsequently gambling got to be legally permitted in France the gamblers gave the preference to go to Monte Carlo casinos.

Roulette game lost its popularity after World War II when the gamblers got more interested in the blackjack, craps games since they were regarded as easier. Nevertheless, roulette game is still played all over the world. It is impossible to imagine casino without roulette and you are able to play roulette online at the numerous Internet casinos.