Main European Roulette Rules

Internet roulette is played at the table with the roulette wheel and numbered area called the game layout. According to the European roulette rules the table layout has 12 columns of numbered spaces (for placing the inside bets) and extra cells for making different kinds of bets. The wheel consists of the the same quantity of number spaces (36) and besides that additional 0 (single zero) in European (French) variant of the roulette game. The number sections on the wheel and on the table are colored red and black, and zero slots are colored green. In addition the spaces alternate between red and black and also odd and even numbers. The numbers pattern on the roulette wheel is developed by the group of roulette inventors and now it is viewed as a standard. A special white ivory ball and multicolored chips for every player are used in the game. It It must be noted that European or French and American types of the roulette game are nearly the same as the roulette game rules do not differ sharply, the most noticeable distinction is the use of double zero (00) cell on both the wheel and betting zone.

European roulette rules are very easy to understand. To start the game the players make bets by placing colorful chips on the numbered spaces. The roulette players have ability to make inside (on several or one chosen spaces) and outside bets (on a selection of number sections). The roulette dealer starts the wheel and lands the ivory ball on the outer track of the rotating wheel. Whilst the roulette wheel stops gradually the players have the chance to end betting. According to the European roulette rules it is prohibited to make more bets once the roulette dealer says “No more bets!” After the white ball stops at a definite number section and the winner is indicated. The roulette dealer gives out winning bets while remaining bets are taken off the house. Payouts are various for different bets.

If you prefer roulette game to download blackjack or any other game and decide to play it online, do not forget to learn the gaming laws that regulate Internet gaming activities.

It should be admitted that game of roulette is mostly social kind of game, that is why don’t get angry each time you happen to lose. Relax, have a pleasant chat with the other gamblers and play with joy. The next wheel spin will be definitely fortunate!